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Frequently Asked Question

Search Engine Optimization

  • Local SEO is tailored to attract an audience within close proximity to your business, aiming to convert online searches into physical patronage. It employs tactics like using local keywords, creating content relevant to the local community, and listing your business in local directories.

  • National SEO, on the other hand, is not confined by location. It’s suited for businesses that operate online or wish to reach a broader audience across the country. Whether you’re running a national campaign or an e-commerce site, National SEO can help you reach your goals.
  • Absolutely! SEO is a powerful tool for any business with a marketable product or service, enhancing their online visibility and increasing sales.
  • SEO is a long-term strategy. While immediate results are rare, most clients observe positive trends within 3-4 months, and over 82% of our small business clients achieve first-page ranking on Google after 6 months, given the right conditions.
  • Our comprehensive approach includes keyword optimization, website code and user experience enhancements, business profile development, link portfolio expansion, custom content creation, and detailed reporting on services and performance. We also offer ongoing campaign monitoring and SEO consulting to ensure continuous improvement and success.
  • We provide full transparency with a reporting dashboard that details every SEO action. Clients can monitor keyword progress and overall campaign performance. Additionally, we offer weekly and monthly updates to ensure that the campaign aligns with the client’s objectives.
  • Clients receive regular updates and have full access to our reporting tools. They can also contact us anytime to arrange meetings to discuss the campaign’s direction and results.


  • Clients wishing to discontinue services must provide a 30-day notice.
  • Keywords are chosen based on a detailed analysis of your business’s unique characteristics and market position. We aim to identify keywords that will have the greatest impact on your business’s online success.
  • Yes, SEO can elevate any business with a viable product or service to higher search rankings, leading to increased sales and success.

Frequently Asked Question


  • Our team is dedicated to crafting your website within a 21-day window.


  • You’ll need to grant us access based on your domain host’s requirements and supply any specific videos, images, or content you want included before we begin the project.
  • Not to worry, we can utilize royalty-free imagery and produce videos that are free of copyright concerns.
  • Absolutely, we’re adept at integrating payment systems like Stripe and Business PayPal to facilitate client purchases on your site.
  • Yes, we have expertise in developing online stores using platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify.
  • Indeed, it’s essential to have a terms & conditions section if you’re processing client payments.
  • We offer two complimentary revisions post-website creation. Should additional revisions be necessary, a fee will apply.
  • Yes, we also offer hosting services for your website.
  • We provide our clients with free tutorial videos to assist them in updating their website content.
  • You have the option to engage us on a monthly retainer for ongoing updates and maintenance, or we can supply a training video at no extra cost.
  • Our capabilities range from building online stores and databases with unique filters to integrating subscriptions, affiliates, and payment systems.
  • We commonly work with Business PayPal & Stripe, but we’re happy to assist with any other providers you use.
  • Yes, we can seamlessly integrate your social media links into your website with hyperlinks.

Frequently Asked Question

PPC Pay Per Click

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC), also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is an advertising model where you pay a fee each time your ad is clicked. This method helps drive traffic to your website by placing ads on search engines or other websites, with costs incurred only when your ad is clicked. 
  • PPC is ideal for businesses aiming to enhance their online visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. It’s particularly effective for those looking to display their offerings to potential customers actively searching for related products or services, thereby improving the chances of reaching the right audience at the right moment.

  • Upon placing your PPC order, we’ll assign an account manager to you within one business day. They will initiate contact to arrange a campaign kickoff meeting, where we’ll discuss your goals, requirements, and strategy. Post-meeting, we’ll launch your campaign and provide regular updates on its performance and any necessary adjustments to optimize results.
  • Our PPC services come in five distinct packages, catering to various business needs and budgets. Each package includes dedicated support and full transparency of the work performed, with a detailed pricing sheet outlining the tasks included. A one-time onboarding fee applies, with monthly pricing based on the chosen package level.
  • We ensure complete transparency in our PPC work. You’ll receive access to a custom reporting dashboard to monitor campaign performance. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to track all actions through shared Google Ads account logins. Regular weekly and monthly updates will keep you informed about your campaign’s progress and success.
  • While we strive for high visibility, securing a top-page ad placement on Google every time is not guaranteed. Google Ads considers over 100 factors, including quality score and content relevance, to provide the most effective results for users. This approach allows for fair competition among advertisers, regardless of budget size.
  • While PPC can target potential customers effectively, it cannot guarantee sales or leads. The decision to engage with your ads rests with the users. Our role is to position your ads to reach the right audience at the optimal time, maximizing the opportunity for conversions.
  • Landing pages are crucial for converting PPC traffic. They should be tailored to match the intent of users clicking on your ads, providing a seamless and relevant experience. We offer complimentary landing page analysis with our proposals and can provide landing page optimization and setup for an additional fee.
  • Yes, you will have full access to the PPC campaign we create for you. Our commitment to transparency ensures you have the necessary data to review campaign performance at your convenience through our proprietary dashboard.